Your Body

Ah...your body. It breathes, it takes you places, it allows you to communicate, and it also...excretes fluids. Though your body is a temple, it can overtime degrade your mattress to a more unhealthy state. Want to fix that?

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Did you know you sweat almost a bathtub every year into your mattress? This not only creates mattress sweat stains, but will smell overtime.


Unfortunately, at some point in our lives, urine is going to end up in the mattress. Whether you drank too much water, your body leaking at night, your children peeing the bed, or…other things. Without tackling the situation quick enough, and we mean in minutes, the urine soaks deep into your mattress, leaving you with that unpleasant pee smell, and a big yellow stain.


Period stains. It’s already hard enough dealing with a period, but harder to get period stains out of your mattress. Though you take all the precautionary measures with pads or tracking, sometimes your body surprises you.


Whether you wipe your runny nose on the sheets or had sick days on the bed, mucus tends to get all over the place. In a short amount of time, you will find phlegm drying onto sheets and parts of the mattress.


Let’s address the elephant in the room. We all do it. And a lot of the time your bed is catching the remains. Whether it be semen or female ejaculate…do you really want to sleep on that?

Amorous Activity

A combo attack! After a session of lovemaking, you and your partner are sweating, salivating, and “releasing” all over the bed. Though you may clean the sheets, you probably aren’t cleaning the liquids that just oozed into the mattress.


You’ve probably been woken up about someone vomiting in the house, or even yourself. Even after changing the sheets, you may notice the vomit stains on the mattress. If your vomit is on the mattress, you are definitely too tired to deep clean.


Your body isn’t only secreting liquids, but is leaving your “musk” with it. Think of all the days you’ve went on your bed unwashed or sweaty? You’ll soon be asking “why does my mattress smell?”

Genital Secretion

Ever woke up to a large…wet...stain on the bed? Or possibly random splotches on the bed near your lower end of the body. Once you figure out it's not the urine, it’s already inside of your mattress, soaking the fibers and stuffing, making your bed a lot more icky.

Number 2

It stinks, literally. Just like dogs, we don’t sleep where we defecate, but sometimes things happen and number 2 ends up on the bed. These brown splotches can become a real eyesore, and create an unfriendly odor for your nose. It’s also not the best for your health, as breathing enough waste could make you feel sick. Also, yes, we are avoiding saying the “p” word.

Now that you how your body works...are you sure your bed is clean?

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