Stains and Grime

For many years you've been spilling, sweating, and staining your mattress. Overtime if untreated your mattress can begin to be a home for fungus and smell. Want to prevent that?

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Over time your bed can begin to form brown stains from your box springs rusting. For some people, it would mean that they have to replace their mattresses, but that can be pricey. In some instances, the stains can be removed by steam cleaning the bed springs.

Dog Hair

We know you love your dog, and they love you. Your daily sleepovers don’t have to stop, but your mattress maintenance should increase. It's easy for clumps of dog fur to hide in the crevices of your mattress, and for hair to be all over the place. This excess dog hair can be dangerous for your respiratory health, as you would be breathing in hair every night.


You don’t have to come back from a farm to bring dirt into your bed. Ever come back from a long day at work and immediately lay down on your bed without showering? That brings in tons of dirt and germs into your sleeping environment. Even walking around barefooted in your home can bring crumbs, dirt, streaks, and stains onto your bed.


Yum, your sitting in your bed holding a cup of juice, and then one wrong move, and some of it ends up spilling on you…and your mattress. You might try to put a rag on the wet spots, to “dry them up” but without professional cleaning, you’ve just brought in the possibility of mold into your mattress.

Food & Sauces

It’s easy to bring a bowl of ramen or some tasty ice cream into the bed, but keeping it clean is harder. A mattress isn’t a table, so your constantly shifting around, texting, or watching television, and the bowl tips one way too far, tipping over your food onto the bed. This is a disaster for 2 reasons. 1. You just lost your dinner. 2. It’s going to become mold in your mattress soon.


From gardening to doing yard work, grass, small plants, and even bugs can enter your bed. It’s easy to do a quick shower when you are tired, but you might be missing out on parts of your body that have “Mother Nature” still on them.


After a stressful day, wine sounds great, especially in bed. But while you are getting tipsy, your body is becoming less controlled, allowing you to become more sporadic and your reaction time slowing. It may sound like you are at the DMV, but this still applies in bed, making spills thousand times more likely.

Cat Hair

You’ve probably found your feline friend a lot of the time on your bed, and their fur. You might find it all over the place. Though the bond between an animal as introverted as the cat and a human is special, your respiratory health also matters. Whether you are allergic or not, the buildup of cat fur can cause your problems down the road.


It’s disgusting, vile, and horrific.. well to everyone except a mycologist. Mold isn’t only an unpleasant sight to look at, it also poses health risks. Issues like sneezing, skin rashes, and red eyes can be from breathing mold. More severe reactions could be shortness of breath and the worsening of asthma.


Coffee, its there for you for all-nighters and the beginning of your day, but it can also be inside of your mattress. If you tend to drink beverages in your bed, you might be at risk of spillage which can leave hard to remove stains into your mattress.

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